Get Your Writing Corrected

I provide a writing correction service for international learners of English. I can help you if you want to pass the Cambridge First (FCE), get a good IELTS score or improve your business email writing skills.

How does it work?

You complete a writing task. I will then send you back:

  • Your writing with the errors highlighted (WO: Word Order, WT: wrong tense etc). You can than try correcting your writing yourself. That way you can learn from your mistakes.
  • A corrected copy of your writing. You can use this to check your own corrections.
  • Some advice on things to work on. This will give you an idea of the language points you need to practice.
  • Feedback based on the First exam criteria. This will help break down how well you performed on each of the four assessed areas: Content, Communicative Achievement, Organisation and Language

How much does it cost?

The price you pay depends on how many pieces of writing you would like corrected:

  • One Piece of Writing: £15
  • Three Pieces of Writing: £36 (a saving of £9)
  • Ten Pieces of Writing: £100 (a saving of £50)

Why should I choose you to correct my writing?

I have more than fifteen years experience of teaching English as a foreign language. I have worked at schools in Japan, Poland, South Korea and the UK. As a teacher, I specialise in exam preparation classes for the Cambridge B2 First (FCE). As well as teaching, I have also worked as writer and editor for several magazines and publishing companies.

Do you want to improve your writing?

If you want me to correct your writing, send me a message. You can contact me using the form below or by sending an email: wyn@englishzine.com

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