1. I saw an advertisement for a job which I really want to ________ for.

2. The position only lasts for a month. It’s a ________ job.

3. My brother doesn’t have a job at the moment. He’s ________.

4. My sister is celebrating because she got a ________ and has moved to a better job in her company.

5. My father turns 65 next year and is going to stop working. He’s going to ________.

6. Joe was ________ yesterday because the boss wasn’t happy with his work.

7. The company couldn’t afford to pay some workers so they were made ________.

8. My friend takes home a lot of money every month. He earns a good ________.

9. Carol dresses the same as her co-workers. They all wear a ________.

10. This job has a lot of ________ like a company car and free gym membership.

Picture: Thomas P. Röthlisberger via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

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