Treasure Island is a book about pirates who hunt for treasure on a tropical island. The famous story, which was originally serialised in a children’s magazine between 1881 and 1882, has had an enormous influence on popular perceptions of pirates. There have been more than 50 film and television adaptations of Treasure island.

The story is about a boy called Jim Hawkins who finds a treasure map which he takes with him to an island. The only problem is there are pirates who want to get their hands on that treasure too.


You can buy this story as a graded reader book (with an audio CD). It is suitable for B2 (Upper Intermediate) level learners of English. Get the book here.


hunt, verb, to look for something very carefully
treasure, noun [U], a group of valuable things such as gold, silver or jewels
tropical, adjective, coming from or being in the hottest parts of the world
serialise, verb, to print a story in several separate parts
enormous, adjective, very big
influence, noun [C, U], the power to affect the way someone or something behaves, or thinks
perception, noun [C, U], the way you think about something and your idea of what it is like
adaptation, noun [C], a film or television programme that is based on a book or play
to get your hands on something, phrase, to find or obtain something, usually after some difficulty

Picture: Waqas Mustafeez via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

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