1. What do you call the title of a newspaper story?

2. What do you call the person in charge of a newspaper or magazine?

3. What do you call an event where somebody answers questions from a group of journalists?

4. What is the word for a newspaper article about the life of a person who has just died?

5. What is the word for newspaper with small pages, lots of photographs and stories about famous people rather than serious news?

6. What is the adjective for which means to unfairly prefer one person or group over another?

7. What is the adjective used to describe a news story which a newspaper or TV programme was not allowed to tell?

8. What do you call a TV programme with analysis and discussion of recent events.

9. What do you call a person who describes a sports event while it’s happening on TV or radio?

10. What do you call person who writes a review about the good and bad qualities of films?

Picture: digitalpimp. via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

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