Frankenstein is a story about a creature produced by a strange scientific experiment. It was written by Mary Shelley. She started writing the story when she was nineteen. It was published in 1818 when she was twenty-one. At first, her name did not appear on the front of the book. When the book was published in France in 1823, she let people know that she had written it.

In the story, Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who wants to create life. He takes parts from dead people and builds a creature. He brings the creature to life during an electrical storm. The monster dangerous though and starts killing people. Everybody runs away from the monster, including Frankenstein himself.


You can buy this story as a graded reader book (with an audio CD). It is suitable for B1 (Intermediate) level students of English. Get the book here.


creature, noun [C], an imaginary animal or person, or one that is very strange and frightening
experiment, noun [C], a scientific test done to find out how something reacts under certain conditions, or to find out if a particular idea is true
publish, noun [C], to arrange for a book, magazine etc to be written, printed, and sold
create, verb, make something new
run away, phrasal verb [C], escape from people who are chasing you

Picture: James Nash via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

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