Cadbury is a British confectionery company famous for producing chocolate bars. Set up by John Cadbury in 1824, the company began by selling tea, coffee and drinking chocolate in Birmingham.

The business fell into decline in the early 1860s. However, things soon picked up when John Cadbury’s sons Richard and George took over. The brothers changed the focus of the company from tea and coffee to chocolate. It was Richard Cadbury who came up with the idea of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates for people to give to each other on Valentine‚Äôs Day.

One of the most popular Cadbury products was Dairy Milk, which had a higher proportion of milk than previous chocolate bars when it was launched in 1905. Still a firm favourite, 350 million bars of Dairy Milk are sold every year. Other notable Cadbury products introduced over the years include Flake, Creme Eggs, Crunchie, Roses, Curly Wurly, Double Decker and Boost.


confectionery, noun [U], sweets, chocolate
set up, phrasal verb, to start a company or organisation
decline, noun [U], a decrease in the quality
pick up, phrasal verb, to improve
focus, noun [U], the thing that you are giving most attention to
come up with something, phrasal verb, to think of an idea, answer
proportion, noun [C], a part of a number or an amount, considered in relation to the whole
launch, verb, to make a new product available for sale
notable, adjective, important or interesting

Picture: Vlad the Impala via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0