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Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is one of England’s biggest houses. It is near Oxford. It was originally built as a gift to John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, from Queen Anne. She gave it to him say thank you for winning the Battle of Blenheim in 1704. The architects Sir John Vanbrigh and Nicholas Hawksmoor designed the building. Sir Winston Churchill was born in Blenheim Palace. He was the Prime Minister of Britain during the Second World War.

There are lots of old things to see in Blenheim Palace. There is a lot of old furniture. There are portraits on the walls. In the Green Writing Room, there are some old tapestries. In the Long Library, there are 10,000 books. The palace has been used as a location for the films Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, Cinderella and the Spectre (the James Bond film).

You can look around Blenheim Palace. An adult ticket for the house, park and gardens costs £24. 90. The price for just the park and gardens is £15.30. You can get to Blenheim Palace from Oxford on an S3 bus.

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originally, adverb [C], in the beginning, before other things happened
architect, noun [C], someone who designs a building
furniture, noun [U], large objects such as tables, chairs, beds and cupboards
portrait, noun [C], a picture of a person
tapestry, noun [C], ], a large piece of cloth on which coloured threads are woven to produce a picture
location, noun [C], a place away from a film studio where scenes are filmed

Picture: jocki84 via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

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