EnglishZine is an online magazine for learners of English as a foreign language. It has graded articles about British language, life and culture. There are definitions of words and expressions. You can listen to audio recordings, which will help you improve your pronunciation. There are activity worksheets you can download. There are also study tips and details of books which are graded to your level of English.

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EnglishZine is made by a British teacher of English who has worked at schools in Japan, Poland and South Korea. He now teaches at a language school in Oxford. If you have any questions, send a message.


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online, adjective, available through the Internet
graded, adjective, designed to suit different levels of learning
article, noun [C], a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine
definition, noun [C], a phrase or sentence that says exactly what a word, phrase, or idea means
expression, noun [C], a word or group of words with a particular meaning
audio, adjective, relating to sound that is recorded or broadcast
pronunciation, noun, [U, C] the way in which words are said
worksheet, noun [C], a piece of paper with questions and exercises for students
download, verb, to move information or programs from the internet to a computer
keep on, phrasal verb, continue