Hi. My name’s Wyn. I’m a British teacher of English as a foreign language. I’ve worked in Japan, Poland and South Korea. I now teach at a language school in Oxford.

This website is an online magazine with easy articles about British language, life and culture. I started it so that my students could get some extra practice outside of the classroom.

As well as reading the articles, you can download worksheets which have activities like the ones in the Cambridge First (FCE) Use of English paper. There are also vocabulary quizzes and tips on how you can become a better learner of English.


Follow EnglishZine on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. If you want to get in touch, send me a message. For emails telling you about new things on this website, you should join the mailing list.


If you’re serious about learning English, take one of my online courses. If you like reading and want something a little longer than the articles on this website, I recommend you get a graded reader.


online, adjective, available through the Internet
article, noun [C], a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine
worksheet, noun [C], a piece of paper with questions and exercises for students

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