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March 1, 2013

If you come to my city, Shizuoka, I’d definitely recommend that you visit Mount Fuji. It is the highest mountain in Japan. If you like climbing mountains, you should try climbing it. But if you don’t like climbing, I’d recommend that you go sightseeing because Mount Fuji is very hard to climb. The views around Mount Fuji are spectacular.

After that, you should try green tea. My city is the best place for green tea. It is very tasty. If you try it with some Japanese snacks, you won’t be disappointed. Seafood is also very nice. There are a lot of nice sushi restaurants in my city. If I were you, I’d eat kaisendon in a restaurant. It is like sushi, but you have different kinds of seafood on rice in a bowl. It’s really tasty.

Make sure that you stay in a ryokan. They are traditional Japanese hotels. In a ryokan, you can eat delicious seafood and traditional Japanese food, while looking at Mount Fuji from a hot spring.

If you go to Japan, I’d also recommend that you go to Kyoto. Kyoto is the most historic city in Japan. There are lots of temples and shrines. I think Kyoto is the best place to visit.
Mayuka, Japan

Picture: Jon via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

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